Lotus Moon Pendant Swadhishthana Sacral Chakra


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This lotus moon pendant is inspired by the sacral or ‘swadhishthana’ chakra, which in yogic tradition is the second stage on the path to enlightenment. At this stage the focus is on discovering yourself and improving your self-confidence through experience and enjoyment of all the senses.

Many people will see this pendant as an offset circle within 6 lotus petals. Actually it is the crescent moon beneath the circle, hidden in plain sight, wherein lies the mystery of this magical symbol, the real you waiting to be unlocked.

The brass is made from pure copper and zinc of around 70% copper to 30% zinc to produce a warm imitation gold colour. It comes with a faux silk pouch (no silk worms harmed in its manufacture) ready to give as a gift. A complementary untreated pure brass snake chain is also included.

Size: 30mm diameter

About this handmade brass jewellery

This is a handmade village craft item made from untreated pure brass and will age naturally when exposed to the elements.

Copper and zinc both oxidise in the air and when in contact with water. Wearing brass next to the skin may leave marks of green (copper) or black (zinc), mainly when the skin is moist. This is easy to wash off and reduces over time. Some people coat brass and copper with clear nail varnish to stop it marking the skin, but this can prevent any therapeutic benefits of wearing these natural energy conducting elements against the body.

As the brass ages, its golden lustre dims and it turns darker as the copper colour becomes more prominent. There may be patches of different tones where the blend of copper and zinc varies. Restoring brass to its golden state is quite straightforward, it just needs a little elbow grease and some brass cleaner.

A more natural way to clean your brass is with yoghurt or ketchup where natural acids (lactic acid in yoghurt, tomatoes and spirit vinegar in ketchup) remove the oxidised patina layer.

If you prefer a vintage look you can let your brass jewellery age over time. Some people age their brass prematurely by soaking it in an alkaline solution such as cabbage water or a mildly acidic vinegar and salt combination.

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