Devanagari Script Tutor

The Devanagari Script Tutor is an online tool for learning Devanagari, the script used to write Hindi, Nepali, Sanskrit and over 100 other related languages.

I created this online tool with Rupert Snell in 2001 for SOAS (School Of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). The content is based on Rupert's excellent 'Teach Yourself Hindi' series of books.

Devanagari Script Tutor Screenshot

The Devanagari Script Tutor requires an Adobe Flash browser plugin (supported by most browsers). It is old technology but is still used widely by language students across the world.

Many people have asked me for an Apple or Android App version of the tutor. If anyone would like to collaborate with me on this (the app must be made available to anyone free of charge) please get in touch. 

Here is the link to the Hindi Script Tutor