About Avashy

The makers of Avashy jewellery

A family of craft folk make Avashy jewellery for us in Rajasthan, India. In the 1950s they moved from their home town in Assam to start a new business in India’s jewellery capital, Jaipur.

Because of high competition in the silver market, the family decided to use different materials including copper, zinc and brass. This was a cheap, alternative to gold jewellery. Their traditional designs sold mainly to village families to wear at weddings and for special occasions.

The designs

Brass jewellery became popular with foreign visitors in the sixties who helped to bring Indian spiritualism and mysticism to a new generation in the West.

These early travellers influenced a new bohemian style of jewellery. Using Indian symbols such as yantras and mandalas, they created a timeless fashion based on ancient traditions.

The re-birth of 'Boho'

In recent years, bohemian, hippie fashion gained mainstream popularity. Even high street accessory shops started following this trend. But sadly most of the ‘boho-chic’ fashion jewellery is mass-produced in China.

Today Gopal runs the business and employs not only family members and local workers, but also specialised jewellery makers from other states in India.

Interest in authentic brass jewellery has continued to grow and Gopal Ji has customers from around the world, including North and South America, Russia, Germany and Australia.

Avashy is pleased to be supporting this local craft industry, bringing these lovely jewellery pieces to the UK through small independent retailers and market stalls and our online shop.

Every piece is unique and hand crafted for us using the stones we personally select for each design.

Making brass rings
A brass ring heated into shape.
Finishing a brass ring
A gap cut into the ring shank so it is adjustable for different finger sizes.
Making nose rings
Tiny brass beads individually soldered in place to make nose rings.
Finishing a brass earring
Edges and cutouts of an earring smoothed and buffed ready for polishing.
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